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eh ! spe lak ny ?

olla.. back to study.. squll skank ny..  oliday is pass..  btw..  spe lak at dlm gmbo ue ???
hhe..  cm knal jewp..  hha.. ppe jewp..  huh ! nseb bek probs all done settle. . so.. cty ny
emg mse tok settle probs lorh.. opefully.. its not to pretending.. hhu.. btw.. arp2.. ma family
bact cm normal lgy..  misz lorh family yg dlu.. ope.. family yg dlu come back.. and improve themself
na jd better. . hha.. gmbo ny..  ta twu lha na cmment pw..  at mne ny ek ??? erm.. this is my first tyme jjak
 kaki at kluang ny.. hha .. mpek jewp.. ye lorh.. cpew lgy yg na bwk arn.. lwk gk tgok pix ny..
so redha jewp lha cpew yg ad at dlm pix ny..  jgn glak kn dy keyh.. cian twu.. dhaa..

~ aisheteru ~