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tolong phm psaan jue !!!

hey. . .cty ary 2. .  ta dw gy ane2 pown. .  dok uma jewp. . lots of probs lha. . jue ta twu na share nn spe. . jue bkn ske cgt pown share probs ny sbnrnye. .jue ta twu lha na back up spe sknk ny. . shock lha . . ley ta skaly skale owg lak yg phm psaan jue ??
npe ta ley na phm jue ??? susa cgt ker ??? now bru jue feel cne DY rse b4 diz. . jue mnx maap kay. . tp jue ta kn na back up spe2. . jue confuse cgt sknk ny. .  tlg phm psaan jue. .  sorry jue mmg ta ley na jdik pf8 tok sume owg. .  even tok family jue pown. . sometyme jue pk yg jue ny ta lyk ad kt dunie ny. . .nta lha. .  i need someone 2 talk sknk ny. . even jue cte un nty. . ta dw owg phm pw yg jue rse. . ta dw owg pown yg akn PHM !!! maapkn jue keyh. . lw lately ny jue cm len cket. . jue ta dw mo0d cgt arr sbnrnye. . confuse otk ny. . stuck na pk. . .sorry cgt. . dhaar !!!